• Serveporto Shipping Agency


    The Serveporto shipping agency is working in northern Brazil since 2010, providing to our clients the best work and experience for all kind of vessel’s call, our services are beyond of vessel’s port stay, as charterer and protective agents.

    Our commercial front is situated at southeast of Brazil for a effective approach with our potential clients in this important commercial area, with focus in development and establish a strong link between an important commercial area and a promising region.

    The differential is that we work in all ports of northern region and we are part of a port’s services group, acting together in cooperation to offer to our clients agility with all services as linesman, launch for berthing/unberthing, transportation, etc. We are a flexible company providing to our clients the opportunity to fix packages of all services involved with vessel’s call and reducing costs.

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  • Norte Trading Port Operators


    The Serveporto Group is also acting as Port Operator, our group count with Norte Trading Port Operator Company that is working in most ports of northern region.

    We are able to attend our clients at the ports of Belem, Vila do Conde, Macapa and Santarem. Our experience is to operations with general cargoes, projects, bulk cargoes, big bags operations, live cattle and etc.

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  • Serveporto General Port Services


    The Serveporto General Port Services is focused for all port facilities, we are working in northern Brazil since 2000, providing to our clients the best support of all port needs. All of our services are done by experienced employees caring with all necessary security procedures and also all information to keep our clients duly updated about the progress of the services. Our intention is offer to our clients all port services in the same source, generating agility and economy.

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  • Serveporto Multimodal Terminal and Cargo Management

    Serveporto Terminal End

    The Serveporto Group offer to our clients  the best option for Cargo Management, we have a strategic area at 03 km of Vila do Conde port. Our focus is agility offering a completed services package making possible a significant costs reduction. We offer guarantee that the service will be performed since from their “door” until the cargo is ready at the port and vice-versa.

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